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Sweet Tooth
They had been hired, as Jarlaxle put it, to contain the continuing cascade of confectionary creations from the castle of a conjurer called...
"The Confectioner?" Artemis asked plaintively, looking at the sugar golems, who were advancing on them. Jarlaxle, on the other hand, was bright-eyed and eager.
"Attempting to sweeten the world no doubt." Jarlaxle said, pulling two daggers out of his bracer and flicking them into longswords.
"Am I going to have to listen to your bad puns all afternoon?" Artemis asked sourly as he pulled Charon's Claw and his dagger, though he wasn't sure if he wanted to draw any lifeforce from these creatures. Sweetness was not in his description.
"Only if you don't sweeten your disposition!" Jarlaxle replied cheerfully and skipped out of the way of a kick from Artemis.
"If you don't stop that, I'm going to melt you." the assassin snarled. Jarlaxle laughed and precceeded to attack the golems. To Ar
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Second Chances 2
Jessica sighed and bit into the ration bar that Baldur had handed her. Two hours of searching and nothing. Loki and Baldur were sitting close together, trying to hash out possible locations of the enemy camp and Slick was huddled into his armor, looking like he'd rather be somewhere, anywhere, else right now, instead of sitting on a stump under a hastily constructed shelter, keeping most of the rain off. Without knowing where the Separatist camp was, they couldn't start any kind of a fire without alerting them. Jessica glanced at her obviously cold sergeants and reached into a secret pocket of her robes. In that little pocket was something Master Windu had advised all of his Jedi students to keep at all times. They were monks, defenders of peace, keepers of justice, guardians of the galaxy, and while not celibate or strict about alcohol, they certainly were not encouraged to drink.
"But sometimes you have to have something to warm your bones." the big, confident, surprisingly ge
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Second Chances
Jessica Treya, a Jedi Master for five years, disembarked off of a Republic shuttle and into the hangar of the Resolute. Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan Ahsoka Tano waited for her. Jessica's own Padawan Morgaine Kedran walked behind her master.
"Master Treya. Welcome to the Resolute." Anakin said, bowing. Ahsoka followed her master's example and bowed as well. Morgaine dipped and looked up to meet Ahsoka's grin. She grinned back, delighting Ashoka.
"Hello, Anakin, Ahsoka." Jessica said, a cheerful, exuberant smile lighting her face as several clones filed out of the shuttle. "This is my Captain Tyr of the 606th. My men will be here soon with the Hope Springs, but we need a place to rest and get something to eat until then. Can the Resolute handle that?" Jessie asked. Anakin nodded.
"We can. Ahsoka, go find Rex and ask him to make some room. How many men do you have with you, Master?" Anakin asked. Jessie turned and Tyr flashed "five" with his hand and pointe
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Tyr Last Night of the World by Tempest2004 Tyr Last Night of the World :icontempest2004:Tempest2004 1 0
Bear its weight together
                                        On Watch Sequel
Rex slung Anakin's arm over his shoulders as Bly got the otherside and they followed the two Jedi out. Rex didn't know Bly all that well, but he was a good man and Rex respected that.
"How long have you served with General Secura?" Rex asked over a private com. Bly shrugged a little.
"Since Genosis. 6 Months, give or take." he said. Rex nodded. "What about you?" Bly asked.
"Since Genosis, same as you. I've seen you watching General Secura. Something going on there?" he asked, out of nothing more than sheer boredom. He was worried about the Separatists, but prefered not to think about that right now.
"I don't know, what's going with you and Commander Tano?" Bly retorted. Rex tried not to let his irritation show, but Bly was push
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I have a desktop and I need something mobile for this next semester of school because I'm going to have free time between classes.

So that leads me to my question:

Netbook or Tablet?

A Netbook has a keyboard, lots of storage and isn't (for the most part) easily breakable.

A tablet doesn't have a keyboard, would need to get a Micro SD Card to boost the storage and is rather easily broken.

But considering that with the exception of one, most of my computers don't last six months, a tablet might be a good idea. And they are significantly cheaper than a Netbook.

I guess I'm headed towards a Tablet, but I want to see how much my paycheck is before I make a final decision.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Cookies?


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